Monday, 12 June 2017

I remember...

I remember being able to eat what I wanted when I wanted.
I remember being able to have a pee without an audience.
I remember when every square of chocolate was mine to be savoured.
I remember a bottle of red on a Friday night.
I remember being able to lie in on a weekend.
I remember being able to just go out for the day without thinking about having to get home and cook meals and put little legs to bed.
I remember the way you announced your arrival into our life as though you'd just been holding your breath to meet us.
I remember panicking we wouldn't be enough for you.
I remember your baby breath.
I remember your first windy smile.
I remember the recognition in your eyes when you saw our faces.
I remember when the only thing you needed was cuddles in the middle of the night.
I remember the first time you slept in your own room.
I remember all the giggles at our own little jokes.
I remember the feeling of astonishment  (on a daily basis) that we made you.
I remember being so proud of your first wobbly steps.
I remember the rainy days snuggled up with you.
I remember your first day at nursery.
I remember your "I love you"s.
I remember all your "I missed you"s.

Everyday brings me something else to remember,  something else to treasure.  I remember my old life. I don't miss my old life.  I love you, I treasure you.  You are my life.

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