Thursday, 22 June 2017

Putting a smile on a face

Picture the scene.... You had a lovely weekend with your family and Monday came round far too quick.  You do battle too early on a morning with your pre-schooler getting him ready for nursery.  Try to explain without any success just why he has to go to nursery and Mummy and Daddy need to go to work, the never ending series of “Why?” questions for every answer you give.  Drop off at nursery results in him clinging to you like a limpet and wailing, fearing he’ll never see you again.

You arrive at work looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards because you forgot to brush your hair and only applied mascara to one eye because the monstrous pre-schooler stopped you halfway through your makeup routine demanding you wipe his bottom.

You struggle through Monday at work fuelled purely by coffee and the promise of a Gin & Tonic (or three) when you get home.

You pick your child up from nursery on the way home to more screams and cries that you’re “not Grandma” – cheers for that just can’t win!

As you pull up outside your house, every fibre of your being is hoping and praying that your little one is going to just crash to bed early so you can just sit on the sofa staring at the TV, only to start the whole process again in the morning.

But... what if... what if someone put a little something in your day that just made you realise how much you’re appreciated.  What if you could walk into your house and see something which just breaks through all the tears, the tantrums and instantly makes you smile?

I was recently asked by Prestige Flowers to review their flowers.  I received a delivery of flowers from their Anniversary range which came in a protective box.  I don’t know who was more excited to see the box, O, or me!  

We opened the box and lifted out the flowers.
To our surprise the delivery also included a vase to hold the flowers (which was just the right size), and a small box of truffles.  The truffles were to die for, even if I had to share them with O!

Instructions for looking after the flowers were easy to understand and included food for the flowers to help them last.  

A week later the flowers were still beautiful.  They lasted a full two weeks before we sadly needed to say goodbye to them.

These particular flowers are currently £25 on and represent fantastic value for money for someone important in your life.  They certainly brought sjoy to our lives, and relieved the Monday blues of a zombie a working mum.

Monday, 12 June 2017

I remember...

I remember being able to eat what I wanted when I wanted.
I remember being able to have a pee without an audience.
I remember when every square of chocolate was mine to be savoured.
I remember a bottle of red on a Friday night.
I remember being able to lie in on a weekend.
I remember being able to just go out for the day without thinking about having to get home and cook meals and put little legs to bed.
I remember the way you announced your arrival into our life as though you'd just been holding your breath to meet us.
I remember panicking we wouldn't be enough for you.
I remember your baby breath.
I remember your first windy smile.
I remember the recognition in your eyes when you saw our faces.
I remember when the only thing you needed was cuddles in the middle of the night.
I remember the first time you slept in your own room.
I remember all the giggles at our own little jokes.
I remember the feeling of astonishment  (on a daily basis) that we made you.
I remember being so proud of your first wobbly steps.
I remember the rainy days snuggled up with you.
I remember your first day at nursery.
I remember your "I love you"s.
I remember all your "I missed you"s.

Everyday brings me something else to remember,  something else to treasure.  I remember my old life. I don't miss my old life.  I love you, I treasure you.  You are my life.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Family Time

This year I was lucky enough to be able to take O away for two little holidays.  I was going to talk about all the lovely things we did as a family while we were away, but instead what has struck me since we returned is just how much we need family time.  O had nearly 3 weeks out of nursery and boy did he need it.  Before his holiday it was becoming a struggle to get him into nursery and every day seemed to begin and end with tears.  After his holiday he has retained his happy holiday demeanour for the most part but I can see things starting to slide as we return to normality.

Since I returned from holiday I’ve found myself in a distinct slump.  My work isn’t appealing to me at all, every day feels like such an effort and all I want is to see my cheeky monkey and give my Other Half a big cuddle.  I’ve found I’m missing my family.

Our weekends which should be family time invariably gets taken up with running around shops, carrying out errands, and trying to fit in all the things we “need” to do, and very little of what we “want” to do.  Of course we’re not millionaires so couldn’t do everything we wanted to do regardless, but we sure could spend more time together actually enjoying one another’s company.

The holiday gave O much needed time out of nursery and makes me feel guilty that he is in nursery 5 days a week.  I’d love it if D and I could both reduce our hours and get more time with him.  I’m sure O would like that too.  Too much time together is wasted not just because of all the things we have to do, but because quite frankly we’re knackered!

I don’t know what the solution is, but I know that I’m going to make much more effort to get us up and out on a weekend, prioritise the smiles, the laughter and the quality time.  O needs that, he deserves that, and so do D and I.