Sunday, 30 April 2017

Little House of Horror

We live in a little house. A tiny house in fact. We share it with a complete horror. A massive horror actually.  The last few weeks his behaviour has become somewhat.... "challenging". I'm being very sweet and trying not to refer to him as a tiny arsehole but he has actually been a giant pain in the ass.

This last week his behaviour has ramped up and we started to receive reports of him being rude at nursery and disruptive. Well he IS 3, is to be expected really! But no it's not acceptable.  As soon as we got home on Friday we made a sticker chart for rewards. We agreed he wouldn't get the batteries he need for his remote control car until the first row was complete on his chart.

Tonight he got his batteries. He lost and gained stickers like a binge eater at fat club over the last two days but he got there.  He's had some super cute moments too but the horror moments are proving hard to take.

I'm currently debating what his next "reward" should be, or whether in fact after tonight's escapade should result in the loss of his batteries.  He snuck downstairs for his step and then stole chocolate while I was drying my hair and he was supposed to be in bed. While cross with him I can't help but be a bit proud at how much he used his initiative and problem solved all by himself.

This is currently him refusing to go to sleep...

Friday, 21 April 2017

What did you just say?

Too often in the past Oscar has excitedly repeated the slurs his Daddy can't help throwing at other drivers on the road.

Not usually a matter for hilarity but tonight on the way home as his Daddy shouted out quite loudly,  Oscar yelled it out for extra effect.  Thankfully Daddy's "Knobhead" comment became, "Get to bed!".

Yep we won't be correcting that one.  Quite funny but not as funny as "Cock knee!" Yeah maybe I'll tell you about that one some time but I still can't tell it without wetting myself a little!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Funday

As two working parents of a 3 year old it's important to us to make sure that we have fun on our weekends. Of course being full time working parents with no family childcare options we also have  a lack of spare funds due to full time nursery costs. (His nursery is fab and worth every penny!) It's essential our weekend plans are as cheap as possible.

Yesterday was easy as we bundled our pride and joy off with his Nanny for the day to go to a family friend's birthday party. He greeted us in the evening with smiles, rosy cheeks, tired eyes and filthy hands and feet. Sign of a good day in my book!

Today, the sun was shining and the boy wanted to play on his bike.  We don't live in a great area to be fair and the local park is always busy.  We packed supplies and headed to a quiet park the other side of town. I'm not sure who had the most fun!

Daddy having a rest

Afterwards we weren't ready to go home, not on such a nice day.  We decided it was time to spend a little bit of cash but not too much of course! Oscar got to choose and he decided to opt for the ice cream farm. Otherwise known as Archers which has the most delicious ice creams at a reasonable price with some calves for the little one to get excited about.  I think the highlight was probably watching a cow have a massive poo. He's obsessed with poos! Combined with more running around in the kid's play area the 3 year old was sparko within 5 minutes in the car.

A great day out in the sunshine. Love family days like this.