Thursday, 12 January 2017

Like sponges

It's so easy to forget how much children take in.  I am reminded on pretty much a weekly basis though by nursery staff of the delightful (!) and amazing things my son has regaled them with.

For a while it's been his colourful language and swearing. Fucking hell and fucking bastard being two of his favourites.   Thanks Daddy! I suppose I should be grateful he hasn't dropped the c bomb yet.
Then we moved on to his proud exclamations as to the size of his poos. "It was THIS big!!"
Again, thanks Daddy...
But sometimes something your child says makes you proud of them and realise that actually his loud and colourful language can have a positive effect.
One of his little friends proudly told her mummy  during toilet training that she was just like Oscar! Hopefully she wasn't trying to pee standing up or remarking on the size of her poos!
Not sure that today's report of him attempting to perform a cesarean section on another child with a plastic knife was so good though.... 😕 May have to stop watching programmes with surgeons around him for a while....

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