Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Early to bed...

It's almost 8pm and I'm snuggled up in bed,  just about ready to doze off. 8pm you say! Why you ask?

Cos my toddler is a freaking asshat! Well he's a toddler you know.  I love him with all my soul but at the minute really is an asshat.

For nearly 3 years I have struggled with sleep deprivation.  He teases me with brief spells of only waking once or twice a night and with a quick boob he's back of to sleep in 10/15 minutes.

And then there's nights like last night.  Never have I stared so intently at the cobwebs on the ceiling to ignore the fact that over an hour has passed since he started crying for me and demanding to go downstairs and watch Bob Builder.  Not at sodding 1am sunshine. Or 2 or 3 either for that matter matey.  At 5am he was physically pulling me outility of bed and I knew there was no sleeping anymore.

I think I managed to grab total of 3 hours broken sleep and then had to go to work.

So unsurprisingly we were both tired tonight and despite his protestations  for just one more mickey he was asleep by 7 tonight.  Well isn't that normal? Yes for most toddlers!

I quickly poured a large gin, ran a super hot bath, picked up a book without pictures and stayed in that bath until my skin was wrinkly and the shade of a beetroot.

I kissed my OH goodnight and now it's time to get an hour or two sleep. For who knows what the asshat has in store for me tonight!

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