Sunday, 6 March 2016

Celebrating a job for life

I've always enjoyed celebrating Mother's and Father's Days.  Long before I became a parent,  I knew it was something I had to do.

I've always appreciated the things my parents have done for me,  and the love they gave no matter how I behaved.  They could be angry with me,  SO angry, and deservedly so,  but I always knew they loved me and would always be there for me.

Now I'm a parent and the days seem to slip by too quickly.  Sometimes I worry that I'm not doing enough,  but then I stop,  take a breath and just know that even on a bad day when I haven't sorted a nice dinner or I'm behind on the washing and his Pj's are not as fresh as they should be,  I stop, I remember that those things don't matter.  He won't remember.  He'll remember that instead of doing all the housework or hanging the clothes out to dry,  we were jumping in puddles,  painting pictures,  racing cars and enjoying cuddles.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Time for an adventure

About a month ago, O started showing lots of interest in his mum and dad's trips to the loo.  He would sometimes ask to sit on it, but only fully dressed.  He also started asking us to check his nappy and would say "poo!", sometimes he'd only pumped, other times he'd had a wee, but either way he was conscious of what was happening and communicating it.

The idea of toilet training has been on my mind for a while and honestly terrifies me - ha ha!  We've had a potty kicking around for a while and apart from one very flukey wee it's generally been kicked about or used as a hat.

I decided to just skip the potty and invested in a family toilet seat.  Oscar's loved being a big boy sitting on there every so often and has his own step to climb off.  Actually he uses the step to climb up to the windowsill and steal my toiletries.

Two nights ago while getting ready for bed he was rather insistent he wanted to sit on the toilet.  After the third visit he finally had a wee and was so excited :)

The following night, we were getting ready for bed and he asked for the toilet again.  This time he got it first time. Then this morning again, and this afternoon before his nap.

Woah!  My "baby" is toilet training, he's not a baby anymore.

We're on an adventure and I'm so proud of him.  Wish us luck!