Sunday, 3 January 2016

Grabbing Opportunities

I absolutely love it when your plans are changed in the blink of an eye into something you wouldn't ordinarily do but which turn out to be even better.

Today's plan was to drop D off at work, go buy a raincoat for O and head home.  Very simple and not very exciting, but a plan that I actually felt a bit stressed out about. 

As I wandered around that large well known chain for baby and children clothes and supplies I heard a voice talking to me (not in my head,  I hasten to add), and without even thinking turned around and said,  "OK". It's one of those vague responses I tend to do when I'm not concentrating or haven't heard properly and I'm too embarrassed to explain I'm deaf and didn't hear. 

What had I just committed to?  Apparently the photographer had a cancellation and I'd agreed to fill it.  PANIC!!! I immediately questioned how much it would cost,  and was pleased to hear it was free. Where's the catch I thought,  and asked.  No catch, one free image emailed within 72 hours,  and we can choose to purchase any others, or not.   Nothing to lose really,  no commitment to buy.  No bank or card details provided,  all safe. 

The session lasted about 20 minutes,  and O really enjoyed himself.  We're going back next weekend to review the other photos and decide if there's any we want,  I can't wait! 

While we were in a fun and adventurous mood I decided not to go straight home.  A purchase of a raincoat and a bargain puzzle in the sale, O and I set back out to have a mooch.

For a while now I've wanted to get my eyebrows threaded (long overdue!) but am never alone to do it, and couldn't work out logistically how I would do it,  but this time I thought sod it,  I can do this. 

O was in the sling,  so I switched him round to a front carry and joined the queue.  I did catch some puzzled looks but adopted my,  "we're having fun and I don't care face".  Music was playing in the background and O was getting quite bouncy.  We had a little jive together, and I quite forgot we were in a shop,  in a queue, with people watching, ha ha! 

When it was my turn,  I sat down in the chair,  and slipped my arms out of the straps so O just sat on my tummy while the girl worked on my eyebrows. He thought it was hilarious but very quickly decided it was the perfect opportunity to just have a cuddle instead.  It couldn't have gone better. 

To some it may not seem like a big deal but it just reinforced to me that really all you need is to be positive and believe anything is possible and what seems like a challenge can be awesome,  and fun. 

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Time to plan

In 1976, the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the hottest summer in history (at that time), I came rushing into this world. I think many of my family and friend would agree the Year of the Dragon is fitting for me, and suits my forthright, argumentative and fiery nature.

It's now 2016, the Year of the Monkey, and I feel it's definitely going to be full of some monkeying around. In August I'll turn 40, and I don't want to just let this pass by without proper celebration.

I'm not one for big loud parties and huge celebrations, but I do want to do something that makes this birthday memorable.  I want to be able to look back on the day and know that it was special, never to be repeated, and cherished.

When I look back at my happiest memories, it's never anything huge, it's the little things, the things that have taken time, thought and care, not the huge gestures or the expensive gifts and public demonstrations of affection.

It's been the impromptu moments and decisions to take a roadtrip, but it's also been the meticulously thought out but carefully planned cosy times.

I can't quite decide how I want my 40th to go this year. Do I want to be home? Do I want to be with family,with friends, with just my Other Half? Do I want to make a day of it, a weekend, a week even?

I've only got 8 months to work it out......