Thursday, 23 July 2015

Debating for tea

Since the arrival of little legs, his dad and I frequently argue. We've never been ones for arguments and drama, but the arrival of little legs impacted in a way we never predicted.

We probably argue every day, usually late evening after little legs has gone to bed.  It always starts the same way, "Make a cuppa."

The debate is the same everytime. Who's the most tired? Who's the most stressed out? Who's had the least sleep? (I win that one) Who works the hardest? It goes on and on. Eventually one of us (me) gets up and just makes the tea. I obviously don't care enough who makes the damn tea otherwise I'd refuse, maybe I just like the drama :)

It amuses me that while we disagree on lots of things we never really argue per se, but the making the tea argument is a regular!

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