Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I woke up on Monday morning with an honest to God freak out. In three weeks I return to work after nearly 11 months off work. Jeez Louise where has that time gone?

I remember before I went on maternity leave I had ideas about what I would do during my time off and how when I returned to work I would be in such a great routine that everything would run seamlessly.

Er.. No. Quite the opposite, I have a baby who hates naps, unless he sleeps on you and doesn't particularly like sleeping at night. I somehow manage to fit in (just about) mealtimes, and attending appts and play sessions. Housework? Don't be ridiculous,  my son is incredibly lucky, and I'm incredibly surprised that he has clean clothes to wear every day. There have been occasions where I realised I was dressing him in his last set of clean clothes and the panic washing and drying without a tumble dryer has begun.

When I return to work in 2 and a half weeks I'm either going to fall apart or become super efficient.

Place your bets!

One thing I have decided to do is try and focus on quick, easy and healthy meals. So the slow cooker is going to see some action, but as my other half isn't a fan of casseroles etc, I also need to look at quick meals that I can do on the stove and under the grill.  Man cannot live on sandwiches and omelette. Well he could but I wouldn't be very happy.

Got to.go, another baby appointment to get to!

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