Saturday, 27 December 2014

Frumpy mum

I've never been known for being fashionable or trendy. I've always gone for comfortable with a twist. The twist for the last 9 years has been my hair. I've always made an effort with my appearance and liked to feel 'pretty'.

Since having a baby I seem to have lost my way.  My current day to day wear consists of leggings or jeans (which don't fit) either a vest and t-shirt/jumper layer because it's been nice and easy for breastfeeding on demand.

Nine months have passed since the baby arrived and for nine months before that my wardrobe was severely limited by a large bump poking out front.

I return to work late January, and as I look in my overflowing wardrobe I struggle to put together more than a couple of outfits I feel comfortable in.

One of my problems is that I lack confidence in putting together an outfit that works. I struggle to visualise how pieces can go together and really don't understand what works for my shape.

Holding my hands up in defeat, I've decided to enlist professional help. Next Monday I will be in the hands of a personal shopper who will hopefully be able to clue me up and send me back out into the world with all the knowledge I need to make myself look and feel good.

Here begins Project Less Frumpy Mum.

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  1. How exciting, a personal shopper!
    I felt the same when I went back to work - it was like I'd forgotten what I used to wear before I was pregnant. Do post pics of the results of the personal shopper though, I'm very interested!


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