Friday, 3 October 2014

Every baby is different

One thing I've learned as a mum is that every baby is different.  This seems like an obvious statement but there are some things that some people don't realise.

My little fella rolls, sits like a Champ, laughs,  giggles and chats away to me.  He enjoys his food but isn't a fan of breakfast but really loves satsumas.

But then I have friends whose babies are a similar age and don't do some of these things. But then those babies will do things such as sleep through the night! Something Oscar definitely does not do.

For a while now it's been difficult to see other breastfed babies sleeping through and wondering what I was doing wrong.  The long and short of it is that I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm frequently asked by family and friends if he's sleeping through and receive lots of suggestions of things to try.

But then I read the information in this website:

As we all know every baby is different but it's not uncommon for breastfed babies to still wake for feeds at the age of 1.

I have adjusted somewhat to the lack of sleep,  you just have to.  As long as Oscar wants to breastfeed I'll continue, so, yes, I may be still feeding him in the night for many months to come.

Rest assured the minute he starts sleeping through,  you'll know about it!


  1. Just when Oscar decides to sleep through, you will NOT, having been conditioned to interrupted sleep for months lol. Oh the joys ..... and I do mean joys because he is just gorgeous.��

  2. Samaire didn't sleep through until she was 13 months, and then it was only intermittently. Now she's a big running, jumping toddler I miss that closeness a bit x


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