Saturday, 20 September 2014

Feeling human

One thing I've done since I was a teenager is colour my hair. That's still the case, but in my late twenties I started to play around with my look and started adding pink and purple and blue into my hair. Not huge amounts, just a few strands. But it didn't feel enough.

Then in 2006 I received a diagnosis which completely changed my outlook on life. I stopped holding back and decided to just go for it. I dyed my whole head atomic pink. I loved it, but never felt comfortable with the attention it seemed to get. While I'm chatty and bubbly and will talk to anyone, I'm not massively confident and don't feel comfortable being the centre of attention.

At work I found myself interacting with more senior staff members and I wanted to be taken seriously.  I never really believed people saw past the hair. Consequently, I gradually started toning things down.

Looking at old photos recently I realised I really missed it. The hair made me feel like I was being true to myself,  like normal, despite it being a most unnatural colour!

Despite being home alone with a demanding baby this afternoon, I've finally given into the siren call.

The Pink is back and I feel NORMAL.

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