Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weaning Fun

Oscar is almost 5 months and although WHO guidance states weaning shouldn't begin before babies are 6 months old, we've been letting him, and encouraging him to taste food. Until recently we'd limited it to sucking cucumber, tomatoes and funnily enough lemons which he loves.

Following a chat with the HV yesterday we were strongly supported to properly begin weaning.

There tends to be two ways to wean, traditional weaning with purees at Stage 1, and Baby Led weaning. Baby Led is a more modern way of weaning.  Essentially is placing food in front of a baby and letting them feed themselves. One of the main advantages being that at six months, babies are more likely to be developmentally capable of feeding themselves without turning food to mush.

I'm personally inclined to combining the two methods. Purees of combinations of flavours gradually increasing in texture and baby led allowing him to pick up food, feel the textures and decide for himself what he wants.

He clearly loves both, this week so far has been pureed beetroot with potato and pieces of plum and apricots.

He's a happy boy when he has food to play with.



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