Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Mum Style

It's the last British Bank Holiday before Christmas, yay!!

Its time to go all out and make the most of a day off... Oh wait. I don't get days off 😛

I woke at 6 and fed the wee boy, he dozed off until about 7, I didn't.  From 7 until half 8 the wee boy was wide awake and wanted to play with his favourite toy.  Me.

At half 8 he fed again and zonked out for a nap allowing me time to get up and get dressed before rushing out the house for 9.20 to quickly run some errands. Don't worry the other half had just woken up and was keeping an eye on him.

Errands run and the car filled with diesel we sat down for my first coffee of the day and breakfast at about 10am.

Once done it was time to tidy up, hang some clothes out,  put another load on and tidy upstairs. Fed the wee boy again and put my hair dye on before spending the half hour cooking my hair and playing with the wee boy and practicing sitting and kneeling.

Quick shower and rinse off the hair dye, then dry my hair. Cue one tired and grumpy baby who is seriously fighting his nap and the other half in quite a bit of pain waiting for painkillers to work. Grab the baby and do a bit of tidying etc while bouncing the baby.  Other half makes a fantastic cuppa while I feed the wee boy again and he finally falls asleep.

Ten minutes later he's wide awake and wants to play.  Set the baby up with some toys and spend a quick ten minutes getting his changing bag ready before we hit the shops for supplies.

Go to two shops and then travel to his Nan's, during which he finally gets a 20 minute nap. At his Nan's I'm grateful for a sandwich,  some cake and a cuppa before I need to feed him again.

After a little play with his nan, we're sat on the floor together but he wants to sit and stand so needs to be supervised.

15 minutes of lots of giggles and he goes over to his dad for lots of tickles and bouncing and flying like SuperBaby before the crying starts because he's tired.

A nice quiet journey home as he sleeps and on arrival home we have a wide awake baby. Luckily he's content to stay in his car seat while I help my other half do his Ice Challenge for Motor Neurone Disease. As soon as that's done he wants another feed.

A quick feed and I can leave him to play with his dad while I prep dinner. As soon as dinner is cooking it's time to start the bedtime routine.

After a lovely massage and clean clothes for bed is time to climb the stairs for the bedtime feed. That was over an hour ago and he's still feeding.  The other half has been and bought our naan bread to go with the curry I've cooked.

At some point Oscar will decide he's fuelled up enough for the night ahead and all being well go straight to sleep.

Now that's how a new mum's bank holiday rolls. I wouldn't change it 😍

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