Saturday, 7 June 2014

What they don't tell you

All my life I've known that if I had the chance to have a baby I was going to do my damndest to breastfeed.

So there I was, pregnant. Determined . With boobs. Ready.

Midwife: How are you planning to feed baby?
Me: Breast
Midwife: Marvellous! Make sure you go to the parenting class to learn everything you need to know.

*at parenting class*

"Breast is best.... No faffing about in the night... Less to carry...drink plenty "

Marvellous says I! I know everything I need to know. Right? Nuh-uh.

They don't talk about flat nipples, leaky boobs, how many muslins you need, and that breast fed babies still get wind.

And they definitely don't tell you how long baby may feed for. Ok in the main it's about 15-20 minutes,  but then you get the occasional marathon session. Setting times to go places and meet people are loosely made,  friends begin to realise that you're either going to be late,  or arrive and lob a boob out before you've barely even said hello.

This post is brought to you from the sofa,  waiting to get dressed for a much needed shopping trip for nappies with baby still feeding over hour and a half!
Still wouldn't change a thing. :-D

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