Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Relax Baby

With a young baby in the house it can be hard to find time to relax. It's also a bit tricky to get the baby to relax for bed, especially when Daddy works late and arrives home and the baby gets excited!  I kid you not, he may only be 9 weeks old but the minute Daddy walks through that door he's all smiles and giggles for him, no matter if he's been Grumpy Baby all day.

I've been looking to find ways to settle him down on an evening and build a routine for him including, bath, massage, feed, cuddles, and eventually sleep. As well as trying to work out the order of each of those things to suit both us and Oscar, I was also a bit clueless how best to massage a baby.

There are all sorts of videos available on places like You Tube, but none that I can see by any professionals, or that are particularly instructive.  I was recently contacted by the New Stork Times to review their downloadable "Massage for Happy Babies Routine".  It's on special offer at the moment until the end of June and can be downloaded for the reduced price of £4.99 (normally £7.99) from their website:  It's produced by a professional maternity reflexologist and infant massage instructor.

The video is a demonstration in real time with a step by step instruction to massage and relax your baby, it allows you to easily follow along.  I initially made the mistake of trying to watch and do at the same time.  I'd definitely recommend you watch it a couple of times first, and then you can be better prepared, and really just use it as a prompt.

The first time we did this properly together I wasn't sure it was really going to work. Oscar was definitely giving me some WTF vibes! I guess it was the first time we had tried something like this, and it was all new and crazy to him.  After about 10 minutes I really began to see him just chill out.  He was still quite noisy, cooing every so often and flinging his arms about, but his noises and movements were much more "chilled out baby" than "stressed out baby".  Now he settles straight into it immediately.

The routine involves more than just massage and includes some stretches which is especially great if little one has spent some time in his car seat that day.

The final part of the routine is baby on their tummy, which Oscar isn't too keen on just yet.  It's not recommended until baby is about 16 weeks or comfortable on their tummies, so we left that bit for now.

All in all it's 30 minutes of baby bonding, relaxation for both of you, and builds yours and your baby's confidence.  Since starting this I've seen Oscar stretching and reaching so much more.

As well as the massage, if you purchase it you also receive other downloads for free:

Relaxation for New Mothers
Relaxation for New Mothers Hypnotherapy Audio from Cariad Hypnotherapy. Tracey specialises in hypnobirthing and hypnofertility.
New Stork Times Baby Massage Routine eBook It also includes some common FAQ’s
Baby Sleep Solution Report and Audio
Baby Bowen Report
Understanding and Treating Baby Colic eBook
You can find them on Facebook here and twitter @newstorktimes

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