Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Working mum

Being on maternity leave has freed up so much time, I can bake, get my house in order, finish all those unfinished projects, right?


So many people assume that my life now consists of coffee mornings, baking, and watching box sets on Netflix, and that I'll be home anytime they decide to drop in, or that if am at home it will be convenient to call round and cuddle Oscar.

I get to have an afternoon with the girls once week to catch up, exchange hi's and lows and show off our babies. I have appointments at breastfeeding clinics, doctors appointments, shopping to do, a never ending mountain of washing, drying and ironing to do, amongst lots and lots of other mundane tasks.

Oh and I have a baby to feed and look after throughout all of these things. It isn't easy. He doesn't sleep and feed according to my schedule and around things I need to do, so I've become an expert at multi tasking and can even hang out washing while holding the baby.

It's bloody hard, especially when you've had next to no sleep for two days because someone is having a growth spurt and is cluster feeding.

But.... I wouldn't change a thing. He is my world and will come first above everything. So forgive me if I sometimes don't answer the phone, reply to a text message, or acknowledge a comment. I'm busy working as a mum.

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