Monday, 5 May 2014

Pretty breastfeeding underwear

A while back,when boobs first started their pregnancy bloom, I struggled with finding nursing bras in those larger sizes, and that were also pretty, and affordable.  Following Oscar's arrival, the post baby bloom arrived and the search was on once more.

My friend Annie who shares similar traits to me sent me a link one day which brought a ray of hope.  She suggested I look at an online shop, very appropriately called nursing-brashop.  At first glance I was immediately impressed by the set up and the very clear indications that it catered to sizes across the board, including those elusive larger sizes.

As well as browsing by size you can also browse by brand, and by type. I was impressed with the variety of types of bras available.  Far better than I'd been able to search for elsewhere.

I quickly placed an order for two bras, one plain and simple, and one pretty one as a treat for myself.  The shop made me even happier when I discovered free UK delivery was part of the service. As I'd ordered quite late in the day I knew dispatch wouldn't be same day, but I received an email the next day advising me about dispatch.  Unfortunately it transpired that my luxury bra was not in stock in my size and I was given an apology and offer of either cancelling that element of my order with a refund, or I could wait approximately a week for it to come in.  I opted to wait, and within a couple of days I'd received my plain one, and within a week I received an update to advise me the second bra was on its way to me.

Is it sad that I was excited about this?  Sadly for me when it arrived I'd guessitimated my size incorrectly, but the returns/exchange process couldn't have been easier!  It would have been nice if the postage for this had been free, but with free UK delivery I can't really complain.  My exchange was seamless, and alternative size was received exceptionally quickly.

Everyone I've talked to who has searched for larger size nursing bras has somehow missed out on this little gem.  All you bigbreasted nursing mums, do go take a peep at what's on offer.  Let's face it, our chebs deserve a little TLC.

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