Sunday, 11 May 2014

Getting the shopping in

I recently signed up for the opportunity to be a #MorrisonsMums along with lots of other bloggers.  Over the years I've shopped at a number of different supermarkets, and tended to favour two of them in the main, swapping between them depending on offers available, and how flush we are! 

When I told my OH what I was doing he got rather excited. He's fairly unique in his species in that he generally doesn't mind going to the supermarket, but he got a bit excited about this, especially when I showed him that Morrisons have permanently lowered the prices of over 1000 every day foods.  For a Bank Holiday shop we would probably normally have taken ourselves to one of the other favoured supermarkets, so we were interested to see how successful this shopping trip would be.

I'm a frequent shopper at Morrisons and can generally predict how much I'll be paying at the till by glancing at the contents of my trolley.  OH and I took the opportunity to treat ourselves a little with this shop.  We stocked up the freezer, topped up the beer stocks, picked up nappies and baby supplies, and purchased items we may normally have gone to a local bargain store for.  I was worried looking at the content of our trolley that we may have blown our budget. Can you believe we had change to spare? That's impressive!

One of the things I love about Mozzers is the wide variety of fruit and vegetables on offer. I'm yet to try everything that's available, but now prices have dropped I'm looking forward to trying a few more things Signs pointing out the reduced prices, and plenty of stock even though it was Sunday on a Bank Holiday weekend!

The final thing that pleased me as we left was a trip to change Oscar's nappy. Nappy changes are not normally cause to smile, I do understand your confusion!  As I've never needed to change a nappy in a supermarket before I asked about baby changing facilities.  As well as being given directions, I was asked if I had everything I needed. I was a bit puzzled by this question, but once inside the changing facilities, all was revealed:

Clearly a baby and parent friendly supermarket - perfect for a #MorrisonsMum

As Oscar was 5 weeks old on Bank Holiday Monday we decided to cook a real treat of a dinner with our shopping.  For me there was only one criteria, it had to contain something I'd deprived myself of throughout the pregnancy.

Steak.  Yes I know I can eat steak when pregnant, but if I can't have it rare, I just don't see the point.  We each had a good sized thick rump steak and cooked it to our very rare tastes.

To prep the steak I ensured they were left out to reach room temperature, and then rubbed down with a little olive oil and then seasoned.  I prefer to fry my steaks, so heated a frying pan up on a high heat, and then added the steaks to the hot, dry frying pan.  With the pan being so hot, and the oil on the steaks, they only needed a couple of minutes on each side to get them well cooked on the outside, and rare in the middle.  Perfect!Served these with mini corn cobs, jacket potato, mushrooms and coleslaw; and we had a veritable feast!

Amazingly dinner only cost us about £7.00, which is bloody good!  If we'd done a Roast Chicken dinner, I think we could have managed that for four servings at about £2 each.  Morrisons have definitely got prices to shout about.

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