Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hanging on

Happy Mother's Day for those of you in the UK.  Today I had hoped to be one of those mums gazing at their creations in awe thinking, "I made that!". Looking unlikely isn't it?

Its actually a really tricky period. I'm now 10 days over my due date, so I can confidently say that in less than a week our baby will have arrived, but, it does mean that I have lot of interested parties keeping a close eye on me.  It's weird to think how many people are waiting for news and at times it can feel a little overwhelming.

I have this miracle growing inside of me that appears to be reluctant to make an appearance; and I have a large group of people practically willing it to make an appearance on a daily basis.
How many times over the last 2-3 weeks I've heard, 'you should try...' and 'have you tried...?'.  Yes. I've tried them all and lets face it baby isn't going to come until its ready.

People seem frustrated by the lack of movement. Me? Yeah I'm frustrated but not in the same way. I'm told by numerous mums to just enjoy these last few days of pregnancy. Believe me, I'm trying but its not easy. It's so tempting to lock the door and turn off the phone and stay away from social media, but then I remember that there are so many people who are just waiting to hear and I know I can't do that.

If there was something I could do, I would, but I can't. Patience is a virtue it seems many of us lack, especially when it comes to an overdue baby.

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