Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Countdown to D Day

Today is the day before my due date.  As I've progressed through this pregnancy I've had the pleasure of getting to know other mums-to-be, some of who I just know will be part of my life for many years to come.

It seems as each day passes and I get closer and closer to meeting Wrigglebum, those friends I've made are all having their babies. Of course I'm so pleased for them, but I'm starting to get impatient now.

I always said that I expected to be overdue, and unless something happens quickly today/tomorrow I'm thinking I'm right!

Midwife appointment today confirmed my suspicion of a growth spurt, and baby has grown 4 cms in the last fortnight!  That seems massive to me.  We were talking at my appointment about what weight baby might be, and of course length is not an indicator of weight, but my lovely midwife reckoned it might be at the top end of 7 pounds.  

My initial guess on the board at work was 7lb 8oz I think with a due date of 27 March....

Hmmm think I might be close!

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