Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Belly up!

I was recently sent two different belly balms to try out, and provide feedback on. Quite often when I'm asked to trial two products I don't really identify any major differences, nor can I say that I massively favour one over another.

Normally....  this time is very different.  The two products I had to test were:

Jason Natural Care Vitamin E Oil


Baby Stella's Butter

The first main difference between the two is one is an oil and one is a butter.  Ordinarily I'd favour the oil in terms of application, but not so with these.  I found the oil to be so thick it was really difficult to apply, it dragged across my skin during application, leaving it looking quite red.  The butter was a dream to apply, tiny quantities go a long way, and it seems to melt into an oil the instant it touches my skin.   It just melts over, and into my skin.

Generally I'm left unsatisfied with products like these.  They feel wonderful going on, but within an hour it would seem like nothing had ever been applied and my dry, uncomfortable skin would be back.

Looking at, and touching my skin after about an hour it was clear the differences between the two products continued.  The oil had left my skin sticky to the touch, and all I wanted to do was wash it off.  The butter left my skin so soft, smooth and hydrated.

Neither product I tried had any kind of odour, but the butter does come in the additional scents of Bergamot; Lavender; Orange; and Cedarwood, Patchouli & Grapefruit.  It's not just great for Mum to be's bumps, but as it's totally natural it's great for putting on scars, and even for massaging baby.

Neither product is particularly cheap, both being more expensive than my current product, BUT the butter is worth it's price.  It will last a long time as a little goes a long way without the need for reapplication during the day.  Even my midwife was impressed when she examined me today, and completely unprompted commented on the softness of my belly, particularly the butter side.

I think it's clear the Baby Stella Butter is a winner for me, and I can't wait to use it on wrigglebum!

Please note I was not paid to write a review on either of these products, my views are my own personal views.

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