Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hanging on

Happy Mother's Day for those of you in the UK.  Today I had hoped to be one of those mums gazing at their creations in awe thinking, "I made that!". Looking unlikely isn't it?

Its actually a really tricky period. I'm now 10 days over my due date, so I can confidently say that in less than a week our baby will have arrived, but, it does mean that I have lot of interested parties keeping a close eye on me.  It's weird to think how many people are waiting for news and at times it can feel a little overwhelming.

I have this miracle growing inside of me that appears to be reluctant to make an appearance; and I have a large group of people practically willing it to make an appearance on a daily basis.
How many times over the last 2-3 weeks I've heard, 'you should try...' and 'have you tried...?'.  Yes. I've tried them all and lets face it baby isn't going to come until its ready.

People seem frustrated by the lack of movement. Me? Yeah I'm frustrated but not in the same way. I'm told by numerous mums to just enjoy these last few days of pregnancy. Believe me, I'm trying but its not easy. It's so tempting to lock the door and turn off the phone and stay away from social media, but then I remember that there are so many people who are just waiting to hear and I know I can't do that.

If there was something I could do, I would, but I can't. Patience is a virtue it seems many of us lack, especially when it comes to an overdue baby.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Countdown to D Day

Today is the day before my due date.  As I've progressed through this pregnancy I've had the pleasure of getting to know other mums-to-be, some of who I just know will be part of my life for many years to come.

It seems as each day passes and I get closer and closer to meeting Wrigglebum, those friends I've made are all having their babies. Of course I'm so pleased for them, but I'm starting to get impatient now.

I always said that I expected to be overdue, and unless something happens quickly today/tomorrow I'm thinking I'm right!

Midwife appointment today confirmed my suspicion of a growth spurt, and baby has grown 4 cms in the last fortnight!  That seems massive to me.  We were talking at my appointment about what weight baby might be, and of course length is not an indicator of weight, but my lovely midwife reckoned it might be at the top end of 7 pounds.  

My initial guess on the board at work was 7lb 8oz I think with a due date of 27 March....

Hmmm think I might be close!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Age Old Question

A couple of friends and I recently found ourselves debating the question of just how old is too old?

When I think back to being a child and my hopes and dreams for the future, having a child in my late 30's was definitely out of the question.  But as the years went by, the opportunities have been numerous, but they never felt right. It was never the right person or the right time,and it's important to me to have both of those factors right.

As such I find myself approaching my 38th birthday and just about to have my first child.  Do I have any regrets?  No.  It does mean I'm extremely unlikely to have the big brood of kids I always hoped to have, but it means that I can be the best parent I can possibly be to the one I do have.

In terms of age, yeah in comparison to other first time mums in my area, I'm definitely older than the average.  But, I don't feel old.  I'm glad I'm doing it now though, I think much longer and I might have started to worry that I wouldn't be able to be healthy  or fit enough to run around with a growing child, to keep my energy up and stay involved in all the fun things we're going to do together.

Interestingly, a recent article on Parentdish identified that the number of over 40 first time mums is on the increase and for the first time ever is higher than the number of teenage pregnancies. I think this does depend on where you live though.

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts about the right/wrong age to have children. When did you/dp you plan to have yours? Do you wish you'd done things differently?  How old is too old?

Belly up!

I was recently sent two different belly balms to try out, and provide feedback on. Quite often when I'm asked to trial two products I don't really identify any major differences, nor can I say that I massively favour one over another.

Normally....  this time is very different.  The two products I had to test were:

Jason Natural Care Vitamin E Oil


Baby Stella's Butter

The first main difference between the two is one is an oil and one is a butter.  Ordinarily I'd favour the oil in terms of application, but not so with these.  I found the oil to be so thick it was really difficult to apply, it dragged across my skin during application, leaving it looking quite red.  The butter was a dream to apply, tiny quantities go a long way, and it seems to melt into an oil the instant it touches my skin.   It just melts over, and into my skin.

Generally I'm left unsatisfied with products like these.  They feel wonderful going on, but within an hour it would seem like nothing had ever been applied and my dry, uncomfortable skin would be back.

Looking at, and touching my skin after about an hour it was clear the differences between the two products continued.  The oil had left my skin sticky to the touch, and all I wanted to do was wash it off.  The butter left my skin so soft, smooth and hydrated.

Neither product I tried had any kind of odour, but the butter does come in the additional scents of Bergamot; Lavender; Orange; and Cedarwood, Patchouli & Grapefruit.  It's not just great for Mum to be's bumps, but as it's totally natural it's great for putting on scars, and even for massaging baby.

Neither product is particularly cheap, both being more expensive than my current product, BUT the butter is worth it's price.  It will last a long time as a little goes a long way without the need for reapplication during the day.  Even my midwife was impressed when she examined me today, and completely unprompted commented on the softness of my belly, particularly the butter side.

I think it's clear the Baby Stella Butter is a winner for me, and I can't wait to use it on wrigglebum!

Please note I was not paid to write a review on either of these products, my views are my own personal views.