Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Feeling the joy

The one thing that has struck me throughout my pregnancy is just how happy others are for me. It really blows me away and sometimes it comes from the direction that you least expect it.

Today's very evident glee at the late discovery of my pregnancy came from Tom the wineman. The title may give some clue as to why he was unaware that I am preggers. No, I don't mean he's a wino, he's the man who I get my wine from and have enjoyed many an evening with  him propping up his bar. So, obviously, I haven't seen him for the last 8 months.

When he spotted me today through the window of his bar his face was a picture and he ran out of his bar to give me a hug. Bless, I think he may have been as pleased as I am!

33 weeks and 5 days.....

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