Saturday, 15 February 2014

Caring for the future

As we go through life, only the very few and the very lucky can say they are not affected by major health problems with either themselves, their family, or their friends.

Like many people out there I've had my fair share of hits and near misses with the Big C in its many devious forms. Its something that can strike even the healthiest of people and have devastating impact.

I've fundraised numerous times for Cancer Research and for Think Pink events, and once for testicular cancer. Yesterday I was made aware of a charity I hadn't heard of before who are working hard to fight a cancer that more than one of friends have unfortunately been affected by in recent times.

The Brain Tumour Charity are raising their profile and trying draw support and awareness of the various ways this can affect people while working hard on treatments and cures.

Their big day is on 7 March for which they are encouraging people to wear a bandana. I probably won't wear one as I'll probably be behind closed doors at that point, but I'll be making a donation.

Our future is unknown and out of hands. Whether you believe in a God, or some other higher force, the ones that can really help need our support and our fundraising to be able to help us and those we care about.

Show your support in whatever small way you can.

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