Saturday, 18 January 2014

Favourite thing about pregnancy

Make no bones about it,  I've been bloody lucky with my pregnancy.  A little morning sickness which stopped about week 16, and now some sciatica. That's it.  I know I've got off lightly.  No swelling,  a neat bump (albeit getting bigger by the day), and generally feeling pretty well.

It got me thinking about how everyone's experience is different,  but for women to keep going through this, some of us multiple times,  there must be things we really enjoy about being pregnant.  Moments we savour,  little things which create excitement, glee, and bring a smile to our face.

I realised mine today.   I'm in love with my pregnant body. I don't have full length mirrors at home and rarely see anything but my head in mirrors.  But, at work, I have to take the lift up to my floor now, and it has mirrors.  Oh boy!  Whenever I get out of the lift I'm beaming from ear to ear.  I find myself giving my belly a rub and saying a few words of encouragement to wrigglebum. I savour those 30 seconds.

If you've been/are pregnant,  what's your pregnancy joy moment?

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