Saturday, 18 January 2014

Favourite thing about pregnancy

Make no bones about it,  I've been bloody lucky with my pregnancy.  A little morning sickness which stopped about week 16, and now some sciatica. That's it.  I know I've got off lightly.  No swelling,  a neat bump (albeit getting bigger by the day), and generally feeling pretty well.

It got me thinking about how everyone's experience is different,  but for women to keep going through this, some of us multiple times,  there must be things we really enjoy about being pregnant.  Moments we savour,  little things which create excitement, glee, and bring a smile to our face.

I realised mine today.   I'm in love with my pregnant body. I don't have full length mirrors at home and rarely see anything but my head in mirrors.  But, at work, I have to take the lift up to my floor now, and it has mirrors.  Oh boy!  Whenever I get out of the lift I'm beaming from ear to ear.  I find myself giving my belly a rub and saying a few words of encouragement to wrigglebum. I savour those 30 seconds.

If you've been/are pregnant,  what's your pregnancy joy moment?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

List making

At night when I can't sleep,  I try to relax and clear my mind but I can't seem to shut my brain down.  I'm forever thinking of all the things that I need to do and the list just seems to get longer and I wonder why I'm wasting time trying to sleep. 

Sometimes just writing everything down and putting a date that I'm going to complete it helps.

My current list is missing completion dates.  I'm trying to determine need vs want and prioritise everything.  I'm not wonder woman and I don't have vast sums of money in the bank so I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself.  I'm looking forward to the feeling of satisfaction in crossing them all off. .. Only problem is for every item I cross off,  two more get added on.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project Time

In our bid to do the nursery on a budget it's time for a project!

Over the summer we acquired one of these from Freecycle:

Only... ours doesn't look like that.  It had been kept in a chicken house for some time and is in very poor condition.  We also got a pine cotbed second hand from a friend, and the wood of the two items is very different.

But you know beggars can't be choosers.... and I do love a craft project.

Watch this space to see what we end up with!  *fingers crossed*

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dumping (forgive the pun), vs.reusing

If your little one could look like this: 

or like this: 

which one would you choose?  On looks alone I know which one I would choose, but there's so much more to consider.  While it would feel good to do something for the environment, ultimately it comes down to costs for me.

I'm unhappy with the idea of forking out money on a regular basis and lugging home large quantites of disposable nappies with my groceries every week.  It seems so wasteful as well to use something once and throw it away.  But... they are easy to use and are less hassle in terms of maintenance.

So what are the real benefits to using re-useable nappies.  When I first started looking into this I knew nothing about them except OMG they're so cute!  I didn't have a clue about what they were made of (not nasty terry towel anymore - try warm fluffy fleece), and how they actually worked.  I mean do you really put a used dirty nappy in a washing machine? *shudder* (btw the answer is no)

So... here's what I've found out so far, and if you've got any useful experiences to note, or hints and tips, please do leave a comment at the bottom for others to see!

1. They are definitely better for the environment.  Reusing nappies is reported to save up to 40% carbon emissions.  There's no reason why wet nappies can't just go in a regular wash of clothes. 

2. The initial outlay can be quite expensive, but over time it saves money, on average about £500 including washing costs.

3. Unlike disposable nappies they don't smell.  Disposable nappies have a chemical in the nappy liner which react with urine causing the smell.  Solid contents can be flushed away without any lingering smells in your bin!

4. Although bulkier than disposables, they can aid a baby's posture and development as they keep the baby's hips apart at the right angle.

5. And to finish on a nice round number - there are so many patterns and colours to choose from, I might die from cute overload!