Saturday, 7 December 2013

Observing the changes

D and I had a mission on our hands today.  To find a suitable coat to see me through this winter and cater for my ever increasing girth!

I'm only a short little thing, fondly referred to as a Hobbit by D (no, I don't have hairy feet), and find it hard to find clothes to fit at the best of times.

I spent the best part of today desperately trying on various coats in various stores which all made me look varying degrees of ridiculous.

Finally in Tesco, we spotted a coat, just as I'd given up, in a size that I knew would accommodate wrigglebum.  It shocked me today that I'd had to buy a size 18.  Of course if I'd bought a proper maternity coat I could have got away with a much smaller size, but maternity clothing is so expensive in comparison, and I only need it to see me through the one winter.  So my normal size 12/14 has been forgotten, and my belly requires an 18.  At least it's comfortable gives me room to grow, and more importantly will keep me warm!

In other exciting news, well exciting to me at least, wrigglebums movements have been much stronger today to the point that I can sit and watch my belly moving.  Freaky, but fabulous!

And just for that I'm celebrating and treating myself to a little festive mulled wine tonight.. stop panicking  it's alcohol free!

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