Monday, 30 December 2013

My lovely friend Vicky published a post on her blog today which got me thinking,  no, it didn't get me thinking, it got me motivated.

I've been thinking for a long time now, and taking action, then stopping, then starting, then stopping, then... well you get the picture.

In a little under 12 weeks I'm hoping to have a mini me, of course it may be a little longer, but still, that's no time at all!  Mini me needs a room of their own to relax, and a house which is functional, and can hold everything they need.

The house we're in is far from ideal for this, but until we can get it on the market and sold, we have to make do.

I've just spent the last hour moving items out of the room which is to be the nursery, and generally making the rest of the house an even bigger mess.  In order to rectify the even bigger mess I have to crack on with putting stuff in the cupboard under the stairs, and in the loft.  Bit difficult when the cupboard under the stairs is currently blocked by a pile of presents (with no allocated home), and a Christmas tree.  That's my next job.... but first a cup of tea, and late lunch I think!

Still the sooner it's all done I can turn this:

into this (or similar):

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