Friday, 4 October 2013

Spending, Spending and Saving!

Blimey, this having a baby malarkey isn't half expensive isn't it?  It's no real surprise, and it's something I've thought about a lot.  We're determined not to get carried away buying loads of stuff we don't need for ages, and stuff which is just "silly".

So far we've got a cot bed, the car seat and isofix bars, and that's it, but we did get absolute killer bargains!  The cot bed is secondhand and will either be varnished or painted to match other furniture.  The car seat was a steal and includes rain covers etc, and will fit the travel system we intend to purchase.

We're off to an open night with Mothercare next week which will give us the opportunity to order anything we want from there and put it on a payment plan so that we can budget easily.  I'll also get a little a goodie bag, and some vouchers too which will no doubt come in handy!

We've just started putting together a list of everything else we need, and we're going to start researching to see where will give us the best deal, including second hand where appropriate.  I'm really keen to find out which things parents bought and actually wish they hadn't wasted the money.  For example, the item I'm not sure we "really" need is a nappy bin.  OK they're not mega expensive, but every penny saved is a saving, and really, what's wrong with just putting the nappy in a nappy bag and placing it in the bin?  If the bin gets emptied everyday, surely it's not a problem?

What have you bought that you wish you hadn't bothered?

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