Friday, 11 October 2013

Getting sorted on the high street

We were recently invited by Mothercare to attend a late night shopping night and encouraged by the lure of a goodie bag and vouchers.  Ordinarily I'm not a fan of shopping for a large number of things in one place and like to shop around and find deals on the interweb. But a discount and a goodie bag encouraged me to at least take a look.  We had already spied a travel system that we liked which was Mothercare own brand after all so we could at least order that and get a discount.

I took my mum and D and we were welcomed at the door by a lovely member of staff with my bag of goodies and a 10% voucher on all shopping, on top of the 30% across certain items.  Good start!

We were quickly nabbed by a lady from Water Babies encouraging me to guess the number of sweets in the jar, for free,  and potentially win a water babies swimming course.  Worth a punt!

Upstairs first stop had to be the travel system we've earmarked. D gave my mum a demo and I got busy writing our shopping list.

There was so much to look at and plenty of staff available to answer questions and offer advice without being pushy and in your face.   We'd done some research ahead on prices and we're prepared to only purchase that which really was the best deal.

We had lovely chats with people who had pop up stands,  from pamper ladies offering treatments for pregnant ladies,  NCT people and even NHS staff who I was able to make an appointment for my feeding advice session.   All really interesting and useful with plenty of literature to pick up.

Very quickly we'd added a mattress,  a steriliser and a breast pump to the list.  We tried to focus on the big more expensive stuff and tortured ourselves to not add lots of tiny cute things to the list. We did add a bath set and a changing mat to the list and headed off to the till.

The hard part was making my mother and D stop playing with all the toys!

The only thing I was disappointed with was that some things couldn't be ordered in the payment plan.  The breast pump came off and the bath set and changing mats too.  We really wanted the breast pump as it goes with the steriliser I'd ordered so had to buy that there and then.

Still we'd ordered the big expensive things, set a delivery date, paid the deposit and had a really fun, interesting and informative shopping trip.  Would definitely go to one of these Mothercare events again in the future and recommend them to mum's and dads to be.

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