Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The best part of my day

After a long and dull day in the office, and what felt like an even longer journey home, the best part of today awaited me at home.  This is normal for most people right? Today was different though.

As I walked through my front door and looked down the house to my bathroom I could sense the difference. As I got closer and closer the warm glow become more apparent and the smile on my face started to spread.

Today, my mum painted my bathroom for me. She is a star. Three weeks earlier the bathroom had been plastered. Two weeks before that all the tiles had been ripped off, and all this time I've been without a toilet cistern and a washbasin.

Tonight D came home from work and reinstated the long lost and desired items. The bathroom is still not finished, but I'm finally feeling hopeful that things are getting done ready for the next big change in our life.

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