Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How easy to forget the past

I had an appointment yesterday and I thought everything was going swimmingly well.  Answering all the questions with no hesitation and providing relevant information.  It was only while we were chit chatting that I realised there was so much I'd forgotten to say.

Cue much back peddling and scribbling in extra notes.

How is it when these things happen at the time they seem huge,  like the biggest obstacles you've ever dealt with but within a relatively short space of time they're pushed back?

Huge lesson learned.  If it's not going to matter in a year or two,  just get on with it, accept it.  If you can't change it just do it and move on.  Also, make a record of these things otherwise in future appointments you'll have forgotten everything!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A martyr for the cause

I'm doing a lot of moaning at the moment and really making D suffer a bit in the process.  I don't mean to but it's a natural by product of having the cold from hell and not being able to take anything for it.

I "can" take some paracetamol but not too much, but my brain is telling me I really shouldn't.  If there's any chance taking paracetamol could cause a problem I'd rather soldier on without.  Obviously I'm shooting myself in the foot here, but I keep telling myself it's not forever and it's for the best.  I still feel like crap though and repeatedly tell D who obligingly encourages me to rest. Probably so he can play more Call of Duty in peace with his boys though!

But....The worst thing has to be this cough from the deep dark recesses of hell accompanied by the razor blades which have been fixed in my throat.... For those, I haven't yet found a safe relief.  Doc is checking it over this morning to make sure it's not an infection and I shall ask what my options are but I'm pretty sure I'll be told gargle with salt water. ..... *shudder* but whatever is best not for me but the little one right?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My favourite photo

I don't know how anyone could be expected to look at their entire gallery of photos and pull out a single one as their favourite.

Each photo I've kept speaks of memories that I love.

My most recent is this one taken in Carlisle in July with some of my best friends on what is becoming the rare occurrence of time together. I love these people.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The best part of my day

After a long and dull day in the office, and what felt like an even longer journey home, the best part of today awaited me at home.  This is normal for most people right? Today was different though.

As I walked through my front door and looked down the house to my bathroom I could sense the difference. As I got closer and closer the warm glow become more apparent and the smile on my face started to spread.

Today, my mum painted my bathroom for me. She is a star. Three weeks earlier the bathroom had been plastered. Two weeks before that all the tiles had been ripped off, and all this time I've been without a toilet cistern and a washbasin.

Tonight D came home from work and reinstated the long lost and desired items. The bathroom is still not finished, but I'm finally feeling hopeful that things are getting done ready for the next big change in our life.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Keeping mum

When you first find out you're pregnant.....after the initial rush of emotions with your partner, the first big question is "who are you going to tell and when?"

My D was adamant he didn't want anyone to know until I'm 12 Weeks. Not uncommon, but....no-one?? Not my best mate, not my mum, not other friends who I know can provide useful advice? No...no-one.

Argh. Keeping mum is hard to do.