Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weaning Fun

Oscar is almost 5 months and although WHO guidance states weaning shouldn't begin before babies are 6 months old, we've been letting him, and encouraging him to taste food. Until recently we'd limited it to sucking cucumber, tomatoes and funnily enough lemons which he loves.

Following a chat with the HV yesterday we were strongly supported to properly begin weaning.

There tends to be two ways to wean, traditional weaning with purees at Stage 1, and Baby Led weaning. Baby Led is a more modern way of weaning.  Essentially is placing food in front of a baby and letting them feed themselves. One of the main advantages being that at six months, babies are more likely to be developmentally capable of feeding themselves without turning food to mush.

I'm personally inclined to combining the two methods. Purees of combinations of flavours gradually increasing in texture and baby led allowing him to pick up food, feel the textures and decide for himself what he wants.

He clearly loves both, this week so far has been pureed beetroot with potato and pieces of plum and apricots.

He's a happy boy when he has food to play with.



Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Mum Style

It's the last British Bank Holiday before Christmas, yay!!

Its time to go all out and make the most of a day off... Oh wait. I don't get days off ��

I woke at 6 and fed the wee boy, he dozed off until about 7, I didn't.  From 7 until half 8 the wee boy was wide awake and wanted to play with his favourite toy.  Me.

At half 8 he fed again and zonked out for a nap allowing me time to get up and get dressed before rushing out the house for 9.20 to quickly run some errands. Don't worry the other half had just woken up and was keeping an eye on him.

Errands run and the car filled with diesel we sat down for my first coffee of the day and breakfast at about 10am.

Once done it was time to tidy up, hang some clothes out,  put another load on and tidy upstairs. Fed the wee boy again and put my hair dye on before spending the half hour cooking my hair and playing with the wee boy and practicing sitting and kneeling.

Quick shower and rinse off the hair dye, then dry my hair. Cue one tired and grumpy baby who is seriously fighting his nap and the other half in quite a bit of pain waiting for painkillers to work. Grab the baby and do a bit of tidying etc while bouncing the baby.  Other half makes a fantastic cuppa while I feed the wee boy again and he finally falls asleep.

Ten minutes later he's wide awake and wants to play.  Set the baby up with some toys and spend a quick ten minutes getting his changing bag ready before we hit the shops for supplies.

Go to two shops and then travel to his Nan's, during which he finally gets a 20 minute nap. At his Nan's I'm grateful for a sandwich,  some cake and a cuppa before I need to feed him again.

After a little play with his nan, we're sat on the floor together but he wants to sit and stand so needs to be supervised.

15 minutes of lots of giggles and he goes over to his dad for lots of tickles and bouncing and flying like SuperBaby before the crying starts because he's tired.

A nice quiet journey home as he sleeps and on arrival home we have a wide awake baby. Luckily he's content to stay in his car seat while I help my other half do his Ice Challenge for Motor Neurone Disease. As soon as that's done he wants another feed.

A quick feed and I can leave him to play with his dad while I prep dinner. As soon as dinner is cooking it's time to start the bedtime routine.

After a lovely massage and clean clothes for bed is time to climb the stairs for the bedtime feed. That was over an hour ago and he's still feeding.  The other half has been and bought our naan bread to go with the curry I've cooked.

At some point Oscar will decide he's fuelled up enough for the night ahead and all being well go straight to sleep.

Now that's how a new mum's bank holiday rolls. I wouldn't change it ��

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Following advice

Oscar is now 19w and 6 and we're currently struggling with a change in his sleep pattern.

To try and get my head round it and fix it I've been discussing it with close friends, family, and also generally having a bit of a moan about sleep deprivation on social media. Yes I'm aware, typing this at 5am is really not going to help me 😉

However I've got a new issue to deal with. when everyone has been so helpful with advice and talking about their own experiences, you become so swamped with ideas you don't know what to do for best!

So... I've decided to stop . Let's just roll with it, keep following my own instincts and keep reminding myself, it ain't going to last forever.


Friday, 8 August 2014

The Eternal Student

Today, as I returned from the library I realised something. I am now and will always be, forever more, a student.

Since becoming a mum I've attended various classes and talks provided by the local authority, and to further my own desire to know more I search the Internet and visit the library.

Well I'm a clueless new mum, so what do you expect? But it doesn't end there does it?

In years to come I need to learn about and research so much. There's just so much to learn, and everyday is a new lesson.

It's fun being a student!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Being positive

I'm not normally a fan of meme's, but there's one doing the rounds at the moment which has my full support. It's one that I firmly believe everyone should do, every day, even if they just do it in their head and don't share it with the world.

The current popular meme invites people to post daily their three positives for that day for a week.

My only problem is actually narrowing it down to three! I've always been a "glass half full " kind of gal but this really went into overdrive in 2006 when I developed a real appreciation for being alive and appreciating all the small things, and started to let go of the things that really don't matter. If you can't change it, or it's not in your control, just let it go.

Every day I wake up happy and appreciative of my life, the things I have, and the people I share my life with. Of course there are things in my life which are not perfect, but even on the most miserable and shittiest of days I can look around me and just be grateful.

If you haven't been doing this, try the meme and then turn it into a habit. You'll be much happier for it.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Attack of the guilts

Last night I did something I've never done before and was wracked with guilt. Typically it's not even something I consciously did, but the finger of blame is shouting at me in my head.

Of course I know it was probably a one off, and no harm came of it...but THE GUILT!

As many of you know I wear two hearing aids and BB (Before Baby), I took my hearing aids out for bed.  Obviously I can't do that anymore and have taken to just turning off the one against my pillow.

I've occasionally rolled over in my sleep and as my active hearing aid hits the pillow the feedback prompts me to switch one off and the other on. I can only assume I was so knackered I just turned it off without switching the other one on.

Of course this meant the sound of the baby waking went unheard,  the sound of hungry grumbles were unheard, but the sound of his wailing went on for long enough to eventually alert the OH to wake up and I was subsequently woken very abruptly by a shove.

Of course he was fine, snuggled straight in for a feed and went straight back to sleep.

I, on the other hand,  barely slept at all for fear of repetition!  My social worker for the deaf gave me a baby monitor with a vibrating alert specifically to help with this,  the only problem is it vibrates at the slightest noise instead of the louder baby is awake and hungry noise.  Not helpful.

Oscar is now almost too big for his crib and we're about to start introducing him to the cotbed in the nursery.  This is going to be challenging and I suspect I'm about to really experience sleep deprivation!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

What they don't tell you

All my life I've known that if I had the chance to have a baby I was going to do my damndest to breastfeed.

So there I was, pregnant. Determined . With boobs. Ready.

Midwife: How are you planning to feed baby?
Me: Breast
Midwife: Marvellous! Make sure you go to the parenting class to learn everything you need to know.

*at parenting class*

"Breast is best.... No faffing about in the night... Less to carry...drink plenty "

Marvellous says I! I know everything I need to know. Right? Nuh-uh.

They don't talk about flat nipples, leaky boobs, how many muslins you need, and that breast fed babies still get wind.

And they definitely don't tell you how long baby may feed for. Ok in the main it's about 15-20 minutes,  but then you get the occasional marathon session. Setting times to go places and meet people are loosely made,  friends begin to realise that you're either going to be late,  or arrive and lob a boob out before you've barely even said hello.

This post is brought to you from the sofa,  waiting to get dressed for a much needed shopping trip for nappies with baby still feeding over hour and a half!
Still wouldn't change a thing. :-D